A Spontaneous Rock'n'Roll Adventure

A Spontaneous Rock'n'Roll Adventure

I was spontaneous this week. Well, as spontaneous as it gets with three kids. I went to see a gig in London with only 9 days notice. I know that is hardly drop of a hat behaviour, in fact the only drop of a hat behaviour I regularly partake in is Syd's hilarious attempts to lose all the hats out the side of the pushchair... But 9 days to organise tickets, childcare, money, transport and frankly to not give myself a panic attack, is actually exceptionally spontaneous for me these days. Normally events are on the calendar months in advance, and childcare has been precision arranged, and I have plenty or time to think about what to wear/how to get there. On this occasion I had 2 minutes notice before tickets went on sale Monday last week, decided it was too last minute for me, then bought some tickets anyway and hoped I could get everything else to fall into place!

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