A slow toys birthday and Christmas

A slow toys birthday and Christmas

Following our recent visit to see Father Christmas in a crystal grotto, POD did begin to believe he might do more than just fish. She wasn’t convinced though.

With her turning three on Christmas Day, it was a perfect time to step up the magic.

So on Christmas Eve a biscuit and a glass of Baileys were left out for Father Christmas along with carrots for his reindeer.

The following day POD was delighted to see he’d left some presents for her. These included a colouring book and pen set, a finger painting set, Mr Grass Head, a couple of DVD’s and a blue balloon. She‘d asked for a scooter and a blue balloon when she visited Father Christmas in the crystal grotto.

The look on her face when the balloon was blown up was priceless. She didn’t let it out of her sight after that and even held onto it throughout our subsequent car journey.

Christmas presents came once we’d arrived. Daddy looked even more excited than POD when he set eyes on her Bubble Guppies bath toy – he’s yet to see purple streaks in her hair turn pink in water though!

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