A Shortcut to Times Tables

A Shortcut to Times Tables

Me: “Son, what is 8 x 6?”

Him: “Ummmm. Errrrrrr. Ummmm. (10 seconds later) …..


Me: “Yes, but you need to know it without thinking. Just like if someone asks your name”

Him: “Ha ha, you don’t know your Times Tables, Mum!”

Me (indignantly): “I jolly well do”

Him: “No you don’t. OK what’s 9 x 8? Go on. Quick!”

Me: “What do YOU think it is?” I ask, making a speedy calculation on my fingers

Him: “There you are, you don’t know. You’re moving your fingers”

Me: “Look this isn’t for my benefit (I hear my own mother saying), it’s for yours”

Him: “But we’ve got calculators nowadays! You only had a SLATE with CHALK in olden times!

Me: “Oh look, it’s our bus stop! Press the button quick and grab your backpack”


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