A (short) walk for all seasons

A (short) walk for all seasons - The Lou Messugo Blog

Sometimes you just need to get outside, breath in nature and take "un grand bol d'air".  But you don't want to go far.  This happened most recently to us between Christmas and New Year after days of over-indulgence, snuggled up infront of the fire watching films and playing board games. And yet despite this lack of activity we didn't actually want to do much.  So here is the perfect little walk for those times and one that we do regularly in all seasons and all weathers.  It's just 10 minutes away in the car and it only takes about 15 minutes to get to the end before either picnicking, swimming, watching the climbers, skipping stones or just walking back. So it can be done, all up, from Lou Messugo in an hour (if you really don't want to be out for long!)

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