A Short Story

The school had released a tsunami across the park, and as the tide began to recede it left behind a slew of children. Screaming, climbing, swinging. I’d seen her here before, although not for a while. Her face was familiar and I recognised the double buggy that was keeping her upright. Maybe she’d been drinking. Possibly drugs. Most likely both.

Stood at the furthest corner of the playground the breeze only served me broken words from windswept sentences, but I could tell she was angry.

It was difficult to know who she was shouting at though.

The kids who’d reached the highest of branches, or those at the bottom being showered in conkers.

The boy climbing up the slide or the frustration amongst those waiting to come down.

The group giggling behind the bushes, or the girl at the source of their pointing.

Most of the children closest to her tirade had shuffled away, and the few that remained were being summoned back to their parents under false pretences.

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