A Series of Unfortunate Events!

A Series of Unfortunate Events!

A Series of Unfortunate Events! That is what today has been! 

Let me give you the background first:

Last Friday night I went out, with friends, and danced.......... and danced. This is not the best idea for me, after breaking my ankle quite badly a few years ago I have problems with it.  Not only did I dance, I did it in heels! The alcohol made it seem like a very good idea at the time!

The next day (Saturday) my ankle hurt........a lot. And I was mildly hungover.

This did not stop my next 'good idea', shopping for the day with Mr. Ojo, on Sunday. This basically involved spending the day walking all over Cardiff, both inner city and out of town shops.

Oh by the way, did I forget to mention, I have stopped taking my pain killers for my back. Just to see if it's any better?!

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