A round of a claw - months 11 & 12, Feb and March 2014

Pigeon Pair & Me: A round of a claw - months 11 & 12, Feb and March 2014

Welcome to our Springtime Round of a Claw.

February was short, and half-term activities took up a lot of our energies. So, this time around, we’re offering you a two-months-for-the-price of-one edition of our milestones bulletin.

That’s not to say that February and March weren’t crammed with memorable moments. No siree. Honkopoly

The London leg of Team Honk Relay for Sport Relief was Austin and Gwen’s first sponsored walk, and you can read more about it here and here. Despite Austin’s poorly-boy grumbles on the way home, both he and Gwen still squeal with delight whenever I give in to their demands for me to let them watch the Honkopoly video.

The Team Honk Relay baton has just landed in John O’ Groats, the final destination on the cross-UK journey. London’s Honkopoly raised over £3,000, but altogether the national figure was an astonishing £31,000 (with a final surprise donation of £4,000 from the amazingly generous Tiger Feet Party). It feels good to have played a tiny part in such a colossal effort.

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