A round of a claw - month three, June 2013 (Austin)

A round of a claw - month three, June 2013 (Austin)

Who can remember their first trip to the cinema?

In my head, my own debut was Pinocchio. At least, that's the first film I can remember seeing on the big screen. And, if I screw my eyes up tight enough and wrinkle my nose a bit, I can still smell the musty velveteen of that shabby auditorium on the edge of the Welsh valleys.

Just like literature, films have played a big part in shaping the person I am today. I was the lone 14-year-old weeping in a cinema full of bored Swansea teenagers watching Dead Poets' Society. Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources helped entrench my love of all things French, and a hankering for the 'jolie laide'. And the films of Tim Burton validated my attraction towards kooky, dark, weird or bizarre people and situations.

Austin's first film was Epic, a beautifully imagined fable involving a fight to save a forest from rot. Its launch date of Father's Day(ish) was reflected in the themes of Dadness running through the film, but it didn't matter that it was Mum sitting next to him.

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