A round of a claw – month ten, January 2014

Pigeon Pair and Me: A round of a claw – month ten, January 2014

Ahhhhh; January.

Month of new beginnings. Sorrow at the ending of festivities. Cold, dark days. And the long, sober lull before springtime arrives and exciting things start to happen again.

In our house, January often brings with it the urge to put ourselves through an MOT. So, Austin and Gwen’s Round of a claw for this month involves two milestones: a team trip to the dentist, and the Mumcut.

Apart from a light trim of her fringe, Gwen’s hair had never been cut. And – despite the fact that D and I both like long, scruffy hair on little boys – Austin’s untended barnet had grown so unkempt that could no longer be described as a ‘fetchingly floppy-haired offspring of two ageing indie kids’ group. No, instead his haircut (or lack of) shrieked: ‘this child’s parents really can’t be arsed’. Even his pre-school teacher had started dropping hints that it might be time for a trim.

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