A round of a claw - month seven, October 2013

A round of a claw - month seven, October 2013

Welcome back to my unashamedly proud monthly round-up of milestones reached by our terrific twosome, Austin and Gwen.

Last month, we broke the news that Gwen had done her first wee in a potty. Since then, her powers of poop have gone from strength to strength. Two number 2s, and several wees, in a potty. She'd requested to do them all, in a most insistent fashion. We seem to be on the road towards potty training, whether I like it or not....

'Mine' is a word now frequently uttered by our little Miss. She uses it to justify snatching back the toys that her big brother has snaffled; and to try and filch some of his more prized possessions. The world is hers for the taking, according to one-year-old Gwen.

It's great to see.

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