A Photography Review » Emily Beale Photography

A Photography Review » Emily Beale Photography

Monday is usually my day to review the week ahead, but today I’m looking back still on 2013 and sharing my images from our family photography project.

Here’s december…

It was a lovely month, and memorable in so many ways. Nathaniel celebrated his birthday and we spent some much needed down time as a family. I’m so glad we have some lovely photographs to look back on.

I fell a little behind last year, with the lost of the computer for month and also have October and November to share…

So now the year is complete. It’s time to order our photo book. I’m excited to add these pictures side by side with our family portrait pictures from each month, I really do feel they will be a lovely record of our year for us to look back on.

I love looking at the whole year like this. So many memories come flooding back to me. I just love seeing everything side by side!

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