A Parent's Nightmare: UK childcare

A Parent's Nightmare: UK childcare

Here's my honest opinion; the British childcare system sucks. The UK has one of the most expensive childcare systems in the world, but, strangely enough, not one of the best.

I wish I had this knowledge before moving to London. I foolishly assumed I would find reasonably priced quality childcare services as in the rest of the European Union.

But the cold reality of UK's childcare system slapped me in the face and put my career on ice.

Fact A There is no free childcare at all before the age of 3. And then, you're only entitled to 15 hours per week, which is not viable if you want to work and do the school run too.

So you're practically left with two options: 1) Return to work and sacrifice a large chunk of your salary on childcare. This option requires excellent juggling and logistical skills. b) Stay at home with the kids and sacrifice your career dreams. This option requires self-denial and the patience of a Buddha.

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