A Note to NICU Me

A Note to NICU Me

Boo is teething. It’s awful. He is dribbling through about a vest an hour and waking himself up many times in the night choking on the copious amounts of saliva he’s producing. He’s biting everything in sight (including me), has a fever (I know lots of people say that’s not a teething sign and it never was with Sissyboo, but he has had a temperature of 39 degrees every time one of his 9 teeth has come through so far) and he won’t eat (most unlike him). One tooth popped through this morning; the gum above it looks fit to burst. So hopefully we’re now on the home straight for this bout.

It’s made for a pretty difficult couple of days, especially today as I had the kids on my own while The Grumposaur was away. As I sit here hoping Boo’s settling down for the night, I feel completely frazzled from four hours’ sleep and lots of screaming in the day. But then I remember those days in the NICU and SCBU when I would have given a limb and a kidney for these kinds of ‘problems’, annoying and draining though they are.

It’s spurred me on to think ...

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