A New Workout Experience...Barre Concept

A New Workout Experience...Barre Concept

I've never been very light on my feet.

I was the clumsiest ballerina in the class when I was young, always treading on some slight little urchin's ballet points. I even took out a whole line of dainty dancers once when attempting a "graceful" turn. I think 'Elephant Ballerina' may have been muttered in my direction! Even when I lived at home mum always said that she could follow me around the house just by listening to the heavy thuds of my feet stomping around the ceiling above her.

So when Helen from The DanceIT Group invited me and some friends along to experience a new workout craze called Barre Concept, my initial thought was that mum will find it hilarious when I tell her I'm getting my elephant trotters out again for old times sake. But luckily for me (and everyone else in the class), this latest workout trend requires no previous ballet experience. Phew!

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