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A New Role - Grenglish

One of the biggest changes I have noticed since quitting my job to spend more time at home, is how much more there is to do around the house. For example, despite emptying the laundry basket a couple of times a week, it is still ALWAYS full.  Are we all wearing more clothes now that I am at home during the day? If anything this should create less washing, as some days I just throw on whatever I was wearing the day before.  When I worked in an office, it was unthinkable to wear the same outfit twice in one month, let alone in the same week. The dishwasher ALWAYS needs loading or unloading.  Yet, the only extra meal I am preparing during the day is for my lunch, and I mostly just pick at things straight from the fridge.  This once led the Greek God(zilla) to predict that I will weigh 25-stone by Christmas.

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