A New Leash of Life

Well hello there, and welcome, to our new shiny home. If you have been reading my blogs for a while you will know that I blog at And Then All I Thought About Was You, at Rhianna Lily’s blog and at ScrapbookerryBlog.

Well not anymore!

They are all still open at the moment but will soon all being getting a nice blog put up redirecting them to here.

You see I got a bit to restricted and a bit to hassled having the three blogs. I felt like I needed to split myself into three to keep them going and all that was actually happening was I wasn’t blogging on any of them and that made me really sad.

My life is about being a mum, to Baba and Boo, it is about loosing Rhianna Lily and being a mum to a baby in the sky. It is about Mr L, getting married and sharing this crazy journey with him. It’s about the dogs, rabbit and hamster however much they annoy me. It’s about crafting. It’s about writing, and it’s about owning a business.

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