A New Drink Experience

A New Drink Experience

As I usually drink water, it's really convenient to put one of these into a bag or pocket to add to water as and when I need it. I can certainly see why people would want to take it to the gym to add to the water available from drinking fountains. I have tried both the apple and blackcurrant and the orange and peach. Whilst I enjoyed both flavours, the apple and blackcurrant was my favourite.

Unfortunately, however much I like these little bottles and their flavour, I don't think I'm going to be getting much of a look in when it comes to actually drinking them. My husband is very taken with them and intends to take them to work to add to water from the water dispenser. Whilst I'm not particularly happy about missing out, I like the idea that he'll be saving a fortune by using Squash'd rather than buying bottled drinks.

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