A moose on the loose

A moose on the loose This is what happens when the teenage boy hides his moose in his older sister’s bed. The following conversation occurred over cell phones as the teenage boy made his way home from work last night.

Me: By the way: The game is on. The teenage boy: I want my moose back. Me: I don’t have it The teenage boy: Where did she (older sister) put it? Me: I will give you a hint. One second….The moose is on the loose The teenage boy: That is not a hint Me: I’m not finished yet. “The moose is on the loose. She likes a good swim but then she is all wet.” The teenage boy: He, it’s a he. Me: lol The teenage boy: You didn’t get him wet did you? Me: She is not wet. It’s a rhyme/riddle (referring to my hint)

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