A mooch around Marlborough

A mooch around Marlborough Today I thought we'd have a wander around the shops. Luckily I have some for us to do just that as on our recent trip to Dorset we stopped off in Marlborough for a much needed break. I find that having a browse around the shops en-route to somewhere works well as mentally your mind is not really in the market for buying new things and in any case the boot's already full and then there's the whole palaver of explaining why the purchase is "Absolutely Necessary" to your other half which is just easier to avoid. Sometimes though you see the perfect item and all that I just mentioned is totally worth it, in fact it's just easier to send the other half off on a fake errand and smuggle the essential purchase into the car that way.

There were no purchases for me this time, but I think for Marlborough could be a very dangerous place for me shopping-wise, so it's probably just as well we live a couple of hours drive away.


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