A memorable trip

A memorable trip

This is the view from the balcony of a riad we stayed at in Marrakech. The photograph was taken in 2010 before POD arrived. We decided to go to Morocco for a long weekend without really knowing what to expect.

The taxi we had from the airport dropped us off in a dusty street and pointed at an alleyway when we asked where our riad was. The sense of unease was quashed however when we located a big black door with a beautiful riad the other side. It was a place of calm, a stark contrast to the mayhem we’d just experienced. Our room was wonderful and a roof terrace provided a superb location for breakfast. The door you see to the left was where we ate dinner and chose wine from a secret menu.

Outside this place of beauty, all sense of direction departed you. Even though we knew exactly where we were heading, there are so many distractions, we soon lost our focus. It was a mistake to stare at a map like a couple of lost tourists. Within minutes we’d been approached by locals keen to show us where to go.

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