A Lower Fat Way

A Lower Fat Way

A Lower Fat Way Yesterday I made Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese. Doesn't sound particularly healthy does it? But it was..

I love to cook, I also love to find different ways to cook food healthily. Today I wanted to share with you my way of cooking the above, and making it into a type of gratin.

Ingredients: 1 whole Cauliflower 1 whole Broccoli head 600ml of semi Skimmed Milk 120g of a Lighter Cheddar (I used Cathedral City Lighter) 3 heaped desert spoons of Cornflour (approx 45g) 1.5 slices of White bread, made into breadcrumbs (I used Braces Medium)

Method: Firstly, boil up your vegetables. How you boil them is up to you, I like them with a little bit of a bite. If you cook them too much, you will end up with quite a mushy dinner. 

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