A London Adventure

With the cold-blooded stare of his mother he picked it up, walked over to Luca, and assassinated him. Point blank. Straight between the eyes. There was a long pause. A long pause during which Sonny casually walked away and Luca tried to work out what had just happened. He soon did and burst into tears. “Sonny and Luca, we’re ready for you now.”

Now I knew they wouldn’t perform to camera anyway, I’d dismissed that possible pension plan a long time ago, but they took it to an extreme I hadn’t quite expected. By now Luca had just about stopped crying, and as he stood in front of camera with the sucker mark still spreading across his forehead, thoughts of revenge were clearly etched deep in his eyes. He does a brilliant face of thunder, but this was the face of a full-blown electrical storm. Sonny on the other hand was nervous. Not of the camera, but of the reprisals coming his way from a brother betrayed. If he’s learnt anything in his short life it’s that if you attempt an assassination on your little brother you’d better pray it’s a successful one

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