A Little Victory for Gentle Parenting

A Little Victory for Gentle Parenting

I research for a living. I like to research. I don’t like to do anything without researching it first, and parenting is no exception. Parenting is a slightly terrifying responsibility. All of a sudden (well, ok, after nine long months followed by nine even longer hours) a baby is thrust into your arms and all of a sudden you’re a parent. I had researched the birth lots, but hadn’t really given too much thought to what we would do after that.

Then I had a newborn, and a new full time job as a breastfeeding mother, and the associated eight hours of sitting that comes with the role. Sure, for the first few days I gazed lovingly at my daughter’s tiny fingernails, her wrinkled legs and her cloudy eyes. But then, I started reading parenting blogs and sites. And there are so many of them to read, I found myself spending hours a week scrolling through blogs on my phone.

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