A Little Spot of Romance

A Little Spot of Romance

Watch yourself, my coffee slurping Valentine, Mini Cupidess just put weetbix on your shirt; don't worry, rub it in with the banana gunk And the miscellaneous congregated baby dirt.

Now I got you a card, all glittering and cheap, Picked with love and thrift at the grocery store; goodbye, take the garbage on your way out, There's no room in the kitchen bin anymore.

Naps, no naps, and tipped up sippy cups, avocado painting on the high chair seat; high time to inhale a bag of gummy bears, Mummy's sneaky own Valentine's treat.

The dog's attacking the kitchen door again, and balance has left the washing machine; I'll let the mop make out with the broom and leave tomorrow to work on being clean.

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