A Life Without Limits

So, this morning we had friends coming over at 10am for a play date. On a ninja day I’ve achieved everything bar world peace by 10am…

Unfortunately today was not a ninja day. At 8.59… no one was dressed… I had furry mouth… and I wasn’t yet firing on all cylinders.

Our friends are awesome… we met at a postnatal group after little man was born. At first we were two mums with a boy and a girl… now we’ve evened it up beautifully by each having 2 babies…one of each flavour… and very close in age. This means our worlds are very similar and we can truly empathise with one another.  Our ‘parenting ethos’… if that’s what you can call it… (sounds grand)…is pretty similar too… which makes being around each other ‘easy’.

We’d not seen each other for a couple of weeks so I didn’t want to cancel… but I thought I should probably give her a heads up as to the state she might find us all in…

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