A Letter to You Before Your ‘Birth’ Day {Flashback}

A Letter to You Before Your ‘Birth’ Day {Flashback}

My dear little boy, or that’s what they have told me you are, I am ever so full of emotions as I prepare for your “birth” day. Your due date is looming soon, although I don’t think you will be coming anywhere near it. Right, from the start I have had this feeling you will choose your own date to arrive not a date that the dial tells you to come.

You have already been so good to me throughout my pregnancy. No sickness, no uncomfortableness, or tiredness. You have played during the day, kicking and poking around but come nighttime you are calm and sound, giving Mommy that much needed sleep. It’s weird to say Mommy, as I am yet to be one. You are my first born, you will teach me as much as I will teach you, right from the start.

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