A letter to my toddlers

A letter to my toddlers

When I began writing this blog nearly a year ago now, I made a pledge to regularly record what we got up to together.

I would include all the good and bad bits.

I thought that some words alongside the 1000s of photos I have taken of you would be wonderful because you probably won’t remember these days.

But I haven’t been honouring that pledge lately.


I intend to write more from now on because you are both going through extraordinary periods in your lives.

It is worth recording.

Believe me, it is amazing. We are so proud.

We all laugh so much. And cry a little.

And I want to write more because I think you would like that; I would have liked that.

I wonder when you will begin reading all these words and start appreciating them?

I remember the moment you were born just over two-and-half years ago now as though it were yesterday.

Yes that’s a cliché but I can’t imagine life before February 2011 and to be honest I don’t really want to. You have both brought a purpose and reality back into my life.

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