A Letter: To my pre-mum self

A Letter: To my pre-mum self

Dear Jade,

At twenty you will give birth to your first baby.

Are you shocked?

Don't be, it's fine, the roller coaster of emotions you go through does slow down, not stop, but you will at least get to pause for a second and throw up. Morning sickness. It will last right up until the day before you give birth so get used to it.

Tip: Your attempts at making yourself eat before you travel because you should, will not end pleasantly, so don't bother.

Your family are supportive and so are your friends, for the next few weeks everyone will ask, "What did your mum say," but Mum is fine, and more excited than you will ever be. ( Mum is going to be the best nan.)

In January Princess is born ( Princess is your baby's blog name) although, you don't choose Destiney-Blue or Raiiyn. I know, I know, I know how much you love the name Raiiyn, but you out grow it and instead let your nan choose a name and you will love it straight away.

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