A letter to my 4 year old

A letter to my 4 year old

Dearest Emily

I have absolutely NO idea where the years have gone

In a blink of an eye you've grown

From this small little baby to a beautiful princess before my eyes Emily - I love you to the moon and the stars and back again

You make me laugh

Sometimes you make me cry

You can be a complete pain in the bum sometimes, however you are my pain in the bum and I love you!

You are turning into a kind, considerate and helpful little lady

Someone who thinks of others all the time

You worry when someone is sad

You get upset when someone is hurt

You get frustrated when you can't do something - however that is life darling and I love watching you figure it out - See more at: http://www.emmysmummy.com/2014/02/happy-4th-birtthday-to-my-princess.html#sthash.KyAJEYiG.dpuf

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