A Lack of Library Resources & Learning Through Role Play.

A Lack of Library Resources & Learning Through Role Play.

As you may know we are studying history in chronological order and have recently started to learn about the Stone Age. We have been using various Internet sites to help with our research and some of our own books about the subject. As with all projects that we undertake we like to use the library to supplement our understanding of a topic. Theo adores books. The tangible nature of a book, the feel of the pages, the smell and the visual stimulation they provide really appeal to his style of learning. He enjoys the computer but books absorb and engage him in a way that the internet hasn't yet been able to do. This is why we visit the library so often. We visit to quench his thirst for knowledge and now also to do the same for Tristan.

We made a disturbing discovery at the library today which has left a sour taste in my mouth. We rummaged through the non fiction shelves in the children's section looking for books on pre history.

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