A holiday book for Little man

A holiday book for Little man

For years I have been making little books for little man, they should come easy for me now but this last one was the most difficult, not because it was for something bad but for his first holiday a holiday of a lifetime, when your child is ASD its not easy going to new and unfamiliar places, they need to feel in control and have some idea of what is going to happen.

When he was younger it was all pictures, a trip to London had the virgin train on it, a photo of the hotel we were staying at but he is a little older and can read now. He loves his books they are a comfort to him, we have been sent the Airport awareness booklet from Manchester airport, they provide 3 one for each terminal, its a great little book that will keep him occupied also for visual and sounds all around the airport, from traveling to it and whats in it.

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