A hoarder's daughter

A hoarder's daughter

I've made no secret of my mum's hoarding but what I haven't explained is how severe it is. Those hoarder next-door programmes you see on TV? It's that kind of bad. Bad enough that the council have stepped in and told her that they class it a fire & health hazard and she has to clear her hoard to meet their approval (this is the first of many grey areas - just what is their measure of tidiness?)

Their idea of 'helping' her is to send a team to clear the entire flat. This sent my mum into a panic: how would they know what is valuable and what isn't. And with hoarding only recently being recognised as a form of OCD, clearing the junk would not be addressing the source of the problem.

Frustratingly for mum, she knows that she has a problem and has even asked her GP for help but there seems to be a lack of support for this condition. Perhaps because not much is really known about it...

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