A glut of cucumbers... means cocktails!

A glut of cucumbers... means cocktails!

As you know the cucumbers in my greenhouse have been growing well, with three appearing the moment we turned our backs and went away for the weekend at the end of July.

And they just keep on coming...

It's no bad thing but with the weather turning cooler (ok colder and wetter) I'm not sure how many more salads we have in us, so I needed to find another way to use them.

Our cucumbers are pricklier than the ones you buy, but also taste way better, are crispier and aren't quite as uniform in shape! We've been eating them in salads and dipping them into houmous for a while now but we still aren't really making much of a dent in our stash.

After some Googling I decided cocktails were the way forward. MOH and I are quite partial to a cocktail (or two, or more!) and as we had vodka, triple sec and could rustle up some ice and lime juice this Martha Stewart recipe seemed ideal.

Plus my mint in the garden needed cutting down, so it was just meant to be...

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