A garden update

A garden update

After discovering the Alpines at RHS Wisley last week, it seemed a good time to share photographs from the Dove garden.

Although it’s in desperate need of some attention at the moment there are signs of Spring everywhere. The unkempt beds have seen flowers start to bloom and the bushes in need of a pruning are sprouting with life.

We’ve seen a few crocuses this year and this was the last man standing. Beautiful flowers, such a joy to photograph with all their purple veins.

To date there has only been one daffodil in the garden but there are buds everywhere. I hope over the next week or so we’ll start to see that yellow carpet appear.

We’ve seen a huge rise in insects over the past week or so – butterflies and ladybirds especially have all come out from hiding.

The wonderful Magnolia tree seems to have completely flowered in the space of two weeks. It looks glorious against a bright blue sky.

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