A fun family day out at Chessington

A fun family day out at Chessington

You know you have had a good day out when you are driving home listening to your tired children chatting excitedly about their day with big smiles on their faces and that is exactly how it was on our way back from Chessington World of Adventures. We do love our theme park days and this was our second visit to Chessington; the first being last summer and the one thing I love about Chessington is that there really is something for everyone.  When you have children of different ages, this is an important factor in your choice of day out.  In our family, we have 10 year old R who is the daredevil teen in training who will go on any ride; the scarier and faster the better.  L is 8 and is starting to go on faster rides but nothing too fast or scary.  A is 4 and she loves the smaller, slower rides.  Chessington definitely ticks all of those boxes.

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