A Frightening Reminder

A Frightening Reminder

I put my iPad away and headed upstairs for a shower. It was 11.30pm and I’d dragged out Sunday night as long as I could. After my shower, I put on my comfy pyjamas (I never go to bed without wearing something. I have a fear of having to dash out in a fire and I DEFINITELY can’t do that in the nuddy) and I got into bed to read my book. As did hubby.

About 11.45pm we heard some wailing next door. Clearly one of the students was having a crisis of some sort. It didn’t last long and I put my book away and lay down on my comfy pillow and started to drift off to sleep.

Both of us are jolted awake by the doorbell going OVER AND OVER again. Bloody hell. If that’s another pizza delivery, those girls are going to get there what for! Hubby dashes downstairs to stop the noise and ensure the children don’t wake up.

It’s a man with a clipboard.

He tells us he’s from the national grid about our gas.

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