A French family Christmas

A French family Christmas

Today I'm participating in a series about Christmas around the world with my blogging friends at Multicultural Kids Blogs so it seemed a good time to tell you about how my French family celebrates.

My first French Christmas was in 1997 pre-children and pre-digital days. It was a reasonably quiet small affair compared to nowadays with another generation involved. I was so used to spending Christmases in unusual places that I don't think I registered much about the differences then, other than the very obvious one that the big celebration is on the 24th not the 25th. (JF and I spent the Christmas before that in 1996 on the Trans-Siberian railway en route from Beijing to Moscow, somewhere in Siberia but that's anther story). In the scanned photo below you can just make out the edge of a slipper under the blue present. More on that later. We all look so young and I have no idea why JF is sporting a pig's head (though it doesn't surprise me either!)

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