A few things in my bedroom..

A few things in my bedroom..

iPhone 4 – I’m lost without my phone, so much so I have a little charger on my car keys so that when I’m in the office I can always recharge my phone if it runs out of juice (sad, huh?) I’m usually on Twitter and Instagram, so feel free to follow me @samcharles88 because I’m always updating something cute or interesting I’ve found online and picture of my lunch which probably isn’t quite as interesting but certainly addictive.

15″ MacBook Pro - Once you go Mac, you never go back. I ordered my first MacBook years ago and fell in love. I upgraded to a MacBook Pro last year and found it hard to give up my white 13″ MacBook but I’m so glad I did. I mostly use it for e-mailing, socialising and using Adobe programs.

Dream Matte Mousse - I used this foundation years ago and then give up on it and went to liquid but alas! one day I ran out of foundation and desperately rummaged through my

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