A few admissions about School Admissions

A few admissions about School Admissions

January is time to knuckle down. It's not just the December credit card bill or the sensible New Year's Resolutions. For the parents of many 3 - 4 year olds it's also the deadline for September 2014 School Admissions.

I've done my homework. I've been studying Ofsted Reports for months now, so why when filling in the application form, was my hand actually shaking? I felt like I was back in my 6th form assembly hall, sweating over my History A Level paper, all over again.

Here's my dos and don'ts for surviving the process without losing your mind.

Do not rely on 'selection by estate agent.' Even if you've lived on the same road as your nearest preferred school since before your child was born, even if you share the same address, it's possible you'll be advised 'We're so full even siblings might not get in.'

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