A Father Christmas welcome party

A Father Christmas welcome party

Yesterday, Austin and I spent the day at home, while D took Gwen to the theatre to see Stick Man. It was a performance that we’d planned on all seeing together, but unfortunately Austin was unwell, so he and I were stuck indoors, kicking our heels.

He was – unsurprisingly – down in the dumps. So I decided to crack open our parcel, which had just arrived from The White Company. In it were some Christmas decorations and clothes; what better way to cheer up a little boy than by starting the Christmas festivities early? We decided to add some pizzazz to our newly painted front room, by adorning the feature wall and fireplace.

In these shots Austin is wearing the Little White Company’s Fairisle Jersey Lined Hoodie. And the item you can’t see in his hands, because he’s cuddling it so hard, is a Knitted Owl Decoration.

(The owl doesn’t usually have its feathers turned upwards, superhero-style, but Austin was keen to try out all his new little friend’s moves.)

And then, we started to decorate. I’d managed to source a stick, which I sprayed silver and placed in a vase on the hearth.

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