A decent bra vs a boob job

A decent bra vs a boob job

Any woman who’s had a baby is likely to tell you that her boobs are now shot to pieces, whether she’s breastfed or not. Some will tell you they are desperate for a boob job if only they could afford it. Others say they would like plastic surgery but are afraid of the risks. I used to think I would like to have my breasts operated on once I’d finished having children, but I’ve since changed my mind.

However this doesn’t mean that I am in any way happy with the state of my chest these days. Far from it. I’ve always had a fairly generous chest size in comparison to the rest of my body – I’ve been wearing a D cup and upwards since I was 13 which stands out on my size 10 body. The huge downside to having big(ger) boobs is that gravity pulls them further down. Hmmm, attractive!

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