A Day Without Gadgets

60I had a scary day the other day. It was a day without electricity. Now that may not seem that scary really but when it’s unplanned and I had not time to charge various gadgets up, it suddenly became scary. This technology lifestyle we all have now isn’t that old. I can remember a time when we didn’t have half the amount of gadgets that we have now and electricity would go off all the time and no one really noticed. Life would carry on. Now a days it’s mindboggling the amount of gadgets we actually have and rely on daily. From getting up in the morning, throughout your day till bedtime, gadgets are used. In my house when the electric wasn’t on I couldn’t make a hot drink, a hot meal or snack and had to keep the freezer firmly shut so not to spoil the food. Clothes washing was out too, though I did consider washing my work clothes by hand. I soon dismissed the idea when I realised the water would be cold and I would never be able to wring my clothes out as much as the machine does. Even washing dishes in cold water was hard work.

I wandered around the house to see what else I could or rather couldn’t do. The TV was off and so were radios, all the battery ran radios have long gone from my house as they were old fashioned. I was also having to keep checking the time on the downstairs kitchen clock as that was the only clock that wasn’t digital. I finally decided I could clean though had to use a hand brush instead of vacuuming, it was hard work. The day was quiet, too quiet and everything had to be thought out. Wanted to pop to a shop to get something but couldn’t quickly check on my smart phone their closing times. Went to give them a call as I still had battery life in my phone but I didn’t know their number. Couldn’t look it up as there was no internet. Luckily the power was back on before it started to get dark.


How people use to live before we had all these gadgets is beyond me. Even as I sit writing this now the electric is all back and life is back to normal, I have gadgets flashing their little lights at me. Chargers plugged into various things charging them up. Of course with gadgets come cost but if your savvy and use VoucherBin.co.uk you can save money too. Just looking at the different stores at voucherbin makes you realise even more how much technology is every day.

The new digital age has made things so easy, sometimes too easy and makes us lazy but I must admit I love my gadgets. I love that my kindle holds hundreds of books and that the washing machine does a way better job than I can ever do by hand. I love that there is a gadget for just about everything.

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