A day to remember

A day to remember

The day of POD's christening started with her running round the garden in her beautiful dress and pulling leaves off trees. The sun was shining at that point so we enjoyed a ten minute walk to the church where we met relatives and friends. Two of the godparents had traveled from Ireland and Cheshire the day before – we were slightly jaded as a result.

Our church is very relaxed, especially at the all ages service, with younger children given the freedom to explore without causing too much disruption. Like most toddlers, POD doesn’t enjoy being restrained.

She was impeccably behaved during the baptism itself, reacting well to having water poured on her head, turning to the vicar to say ‘again!’ After the baptism she stayed at the front, joined by friends, one of whom she goes to nursery with and who she skipped around with hand in hand. It as a lovely service just what we were hoping for as POD’s introduction to the church.

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