A Crood history lesson

A Crood history lesson

The Croods.

Featuring the vocal talents of Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds The Croods is a lesson in prehistory like you have never seen before.

Follow a family of unorthodox cave dwellers, as they are forced to venture out into the unknown world after the untimely destruction of their cave. Who would have ever predicted the break up of the continents would happen right in their post code.

Along the way you will see such strange creatures as the Bearowl, Piranhakeet and the Giraffeoceros to name just a few. All of whom look like the freaky creations of a crazed geneticist. You will also witness an array of inventions (all be it in a rather crude first generation fashion) such as sunglasses, the belt and, my favourite, the snap shot.

The animation is stunning and in some instances almost photo realistic (excluding the croods themselves) and the story is thoroughly engrossing with a good balance of comedy and drama. Does this rank up there with Dreamworks Shrek? No. But Shrek did set the bar very high. But does this rank as one of the most original and funny animated films of recent times? Damn right it does.

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