A collection of vintage postcards

A collection of vintage postcards

It all started with vases from W-Germany and tableware from Arcopal. Now I have found something new to collect: vintage postcards! I try to keep it at a low level. A lot of my vases are to be found in our livingroom but I have no intention to put my postcards on the walls! (Yes, I know there are some great postcards racks but I have to say no..). Well maybe a few, when we hang those small shelves (especially designed for photoframes) on the wall. Anyway, I bought my first vintage postcards at a flea market about a year ago. I already blogged about those cards (‘Bringing Flowers’) and shortly before Christmas I bought about 10 vintage postcards on the internet. And that tasted morish! So, I bought 600 postcards on the internet for 10,00 euro (plus 6,75 euro for sending it to me). It was a collection of all kind of postcards but there had to be some vintage postcards I thought!

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