A circle of life thing

A circle of life thing

It's been a sad day today, in our little corner of Winwick - one of the horses in the field close to our house died. We know the owners well, my girls have ridden Jamie over the years and we have always enjoyed the way that he comes up to the fence to greet us and demand treats. It will seem strange not to see his shaggy head lifting to greet visitors and assess whether they have interesting food in their pockets.

Our house is close enough to the field to have seen the comings and goings today; the owners and their families, the vet, the horse box to take him away. I did wonder if this was a suitable subject to post on a blog, but it's a fact of life that nothing lives forever - a circle of life thing, as the line in the film goes - and whilst we have had our share of grief in our family like any other - parents, grandparents, pets - it is never something that you are prepared for.

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