A child's fourth birthday: entering the magical years

Pigeon Pair & Me - A child's fourth birthday: entering the magical years Tonight is the eve of Austin's fourth birthday.

My mother-in-law says the next few years of a child's life are magical. Gone are the nappies and (mostly) the tantrums. The remnants of attachment begun in the womb - breastfeeding, frequent demands to be picked up - have faded into the past. Instead, along with every cuddle comes a heart-tug of memory, without the physical drain of those early years.

And the character of the child is there to see. They're still the baby you gave birth to; they still look to you for guidance, and help when it's needed. But the person they are - and who they're going to be - is in plain sight.

After four years of getting to know each other, we can say that Austin is already unmistakeably himself.

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