A Capacious Handbag: the V&A

A Capacious Handbag: the V&A

In London, the nicest way to spend a rainy afternoon is to visit one of its many (and free) museums.

Meet Victoria & Albert

The Victoria & Albert museum (also known as the V&A) is situated in an imposing building in the chic South Kensington area.

The V&A has two characteristic features: the most spectacular chandeliers and the most bric-à-brac collection in the world; one of its directors described it quite eloquently as a "capacious handbag".

The collections

This museum is bursting at its seams with all kind of objects & artifacts, from all over the world and from every possible era.

If I had to narrow it down, I'd say, "don't miss out the fashion collection"; a brilliant time travel through four centuries of fashion, where 18th century gowns meet McQueen's jumpsuits.

And if you want to fill your eyes with sparkle, don't forget to visit the V&A's glass collection, one of the largest in Europe.

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