A C-section, Bottle feeding, Nursery using Working Mum

A C-section, Bottle feeding, Nursery using Working Mum

I am really bloody angry. I’m fed up to the back teeth of people who write articles, blogs or tweets about something that they can take the moral high ground on. Something they do/don’t do, but they know darn well others do/don’t.

Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding Natural Childbirth/C-sections Nursery or Childminders/Stay at home care Stay at home parents and Working parents

The Perfect Scenario – so we are told

You have a baby naturally (no drugs), you sail through breastfeeding (feed as late as possible, but not too late – there’s a whole other brigade ready to leap on you if you do), you Stay at Home until your child is in school (if you don’t do SOMETHING once they’ve started school you WILL be vilified – “What do you do all day?”), you then make sure that your work to homelife balance is just right so you can stay on everyones side.

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