A Brilliant Breakfast Meeting - thanks to Nestle

A Brilliant Breakfast Meeting - thanks to Nestle. - kidGLloves

Unless you’ve been in a Haribo-induced coma for the last few days, you’ll have realised that me and Grace finally got to meet up during half term to attend the ‘Nestle Cereal Break Survival’ day We were very excited and you will have noticed that the Mother and Missy V have facebooked, tweeted and blogged the ‘doo doo’ out of our meeting.

cereal 5After a slightly shy start, we were soon firm friends and hurried along to the venue Oh WOW! It was AWESOMELY MEGA COOL! We walked into the room and there was this HUGE snake wrapped around a tree. Obviously the Mother freaked out a bit but I reassured her it wasn’t real – she can be such a drama queen! We got told by the really nice people who met us to go through and enjoy ourselves, and enjoy ourselves we did! There was a room run by a really nice lady who had brought a load of bugs and creepy crawlies with her.

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